The well-being within an organization is a strategic management!

As I wrote recently on 28 and 29 October I was in Turin, for a conference on the work (click here) that I organized together with prof. Gianni Vattimo. Among the speakers was Prof. Enzo Spaltro, and his speech began with a concept that seems interesting to propose :

When designing and building our life and our community we start from certain premises and we arrive at certain results. If these results do not like and want to change, we have to begin by changing the conditions. If you do not change the premise is difficult to get different results. If our way of thinking remains the same, the results also remain the same. We can deduce that if we don’t change our mental equipment we cannot change the social artifacts, the so-called objectivity. (Spaltro, October 28, 2011, see here a reflection on the day)

Spaltro asked us to change our “mental equipment” and I know very well that it takes great courage to do so, especially in the enterprise! But I think the invitation of the professor is the primary characteristic of all those companies that invest in “people”. What characterizes the use of “techniques” of human capital management, is the realization that the well-being within an organization is a strategic management … is the sense that we give to the human capital management… its value… which brings us back to Kalòs kaì agathos … if change our mental devices, we find the Human Capital Management!


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  1. Adele ha detto:

    Interesting is the idea of ​​Spaltro … is what I always say to myself, if not there is first a change in our attitudes and our thinking as do we want to change the world around us? We are the engine!

    Mi piace


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