Vienna HCA receives a U.S. Patent on measuring the ROI, Productivity and Liquidity of the human capital investment

Glen Mills, PA —Vienna Human Capital Advisors (Vienna HCA) today announced that it received a patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,983,945) on its breakthrough method to measure the financial performance of a company’s investment in human capital, announced Frank DiBernardino, Managing Principal of Vienna HCA.
Businesses are highly motivated to identify the return on their human capital investment because it is often the #1 or #2 highest expenditure of the business. Vienna’s patented metrics and associated analytic process are designed to determine the precise HR actions necessary to drive improved business performance.

Financial Metrics for Human Resources
The Vienna methods were developed because organizations have been searching for a financially credible method to measure the performance of the human capital, or people investment, in the businesses. As the saying goes: You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

“The Vienna formulas were developed for Human Resource executives to credibly measure the performance of the company’s people investment, in financial terms, similar to other areas of the business. It also determines whether the human capital financial performance is at an acceptable level, consistent across divisions or geographies, and how results are trending over time” according to Frank DiBernardino, Managing Principal and Founder.

Joseph W. Birriel, formerly Executive Vice President and head of Human Resources for Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs observed: “The Vienna return on investment (ROI) and productivity formulas captures how effectively a company is utilizing its human capital to contribute to the value of the business.”

Developed over a four year period in collaboration with, vetted by and field tested with, CFOs, private equity executives and investment bankers, the formulas have passed the Finance smell test.

Employing these methods help HR executives make a compelling business case for the human capital strategy changes necessary to continuously improve the financial performance of the business. The Vienna patented methods gives HR professionals the firepower needed for C-suite commitments and the financial resources to effect positive change in their organizations.

For more information about Vienna HCA, or the Vienna patented methods  click here (Das Humankapital metts dr. F. DiBernardino) or visit



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