Optimize Human Capital Investments: Make the “Hard” Business Case

A powerful, validated method to link human capital investment performance with shareholder value is at the heart of a new book, Optimize Human Capital Investments: Make the “Hard” Business Case, by Frank DiBernardino, founder and managing principal of Vienna Human Capital Advisors, LLC.

The book features DiBernardino’s patented Vienna Index, a set of financial formulas that measure the ROI, Productivity and Liquidity of the human capital investment, and a comprehensive, cascading analytic method that identifies the specific human capital strategies that drive business performance improvement and enhanced enterprise value. The book also includes a method to measure the precise impact on shareholder value of human capital investments.

Making the “hard” business case for human capital investments has been a challenge for HR professionals. “HR leaders have long needed a credible, compelling tool to demonstrate to the CEO and the board the financial impact of human resource initiatives on the company’s bottom line and shareholder value,” according to DiBernardino, who has 35+ years of HR consulting experience with some of the largest employers in the country.

Frank Zirnkilton, managing director of Broad Reach Management observed: “As a former CFO who relied heavily on metrics to help support the management of disparate businesses, I welcome Frank DiBernardino’s contribution to the HR metrics management tool kit. For too long, managers have been limited by their ability to quantify, at an organizational level, the contribution of their human capital to the success of their business. With his book, Frank introduces us to a new way to measure and track our progress toward improving not only the efficiency, but also the effectiveness of an organization’s human capital.”

Tom Clardy, former QVC senior vice president – Human Resources, noted: “The Vienna Index is an excellent and efficient tool to capture and analyze the true cost and productivity of all of the human capital engaged in the organization. The Vienna approach provides reliable, comprehensive and complete measurement that is consistent globally. It is the future of human capital analytics.”

Confirming the need for the Vienna methods, David Bush Ph.D., Director, Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development for Villanova University, said: “I am in constant search for breakthrough ideas that will help human resource executives be of greater strategic value to their organizations. Frank DiBernardino has cracked the code with the formulas and analytic methods described in Optimize Human Capital Investments. Frank does indeed show how to make the hard business case for human capital investments. The formulas and methods Frank developed are a worthy addition to the human capital analytics body of knowledge.”



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