Das Humankapital meets dr. Ghazi Turkistani

Ghazi Turkistani is a Founder & Managing Director  of 1st Executive Choice Firm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is a  Certified Human Resources Consultant with almost 20+ years of experience. And, he has got many other certifications and international credential as follow, in fact He is Certified Consultant from Alpha Training UK Limited Co. in PAS system (Personal Assessment System), He is Certified Professional Trainer from HRDA. He is Certified trainer in banking training programs, He is  Certified trainer in Islamic insurance business training programs, FWG, Germany; he is Certified trainer in Human development skills from Edge Association, USA. He has conduct more than 450 training programs and workshop

Davide de Palma: What means working in Personnel Management?
Ghazi Turkistani: It’s a code of the ways of organising and treating individuals at work so that they will each get the greatest possible realisation of their intrinsic abilities thus attaining maximum efficiency for themselves and their group, and thereby giving to the enterprise of which they are a part its determining competitive advantage and its optimum results”

Davide de Palma: What is policies that serve to enhance the workers?
Ghazi Turkistani: It’s all about “how we listen to them and makes the workplace the best as much as we can”.

Davide de Palma: The process of selecting a candidate as it should be structured?
Ghazi Turkistani: Defiantly, Yes.  But’ it’s depends on the level of administration/ seniority level of candidates.

Davide de Palma: What tools should endeavor to find the right man in the right place?
Ghazi Turkistani: It’s about having the MR. Right. Which means “Select the candidate who aim the business goals”

Davide de Palma: In your opinion, what is the basic skill for a worker when is candidate in a company?
Ghazi Turkistani: “Effective communication” If He / She is a master in People Skills I will hire he / she immediately.

Davide de Palma: What do you look for from a candidate?
Ghazi Turkistani: “Passion”

Davide de Palma: What is talent for you? How do you recognize it?
Ghazi Turkistani: Talent means “Uniqueness of the Candidate” And, can be recognized by checking the output of this candidate at Risk Time.

Davide de Palma: What are the policies of personnel management to retain talent?
Ghazi Turkistani: in brief treat them as a strategic assets.

Davide de Palma: What is leadership for you?
Ghazi Turkistani: Leadership is listening to workers.

Davide de Palma: Do you think that companies today must be equipped with tools that are a kind of budget of human capital?
Ghazi Turkistani: Defiantly, and, the most important part that the stakeholders should invest more it’s about training & development.

Davide de Palma : Das Humankapital, is a blog that wants to promote the development of human capital. Do you think is important to promote the development of human capital?

Ghazi Turkistani: Abouslty, Yes. Because, some of investor think customer comes first. And, in my opening people comes first.

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