Never settle for less than your dreams. Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow you’ll find them.  (Danielle Steel)

Dr. Pasquale Davide de Palma – Founder – (email: davide@dashumankapital.com)

dade1Sometimes to find right words to describe yourself isn’t easy, we never know right ones…there are days that I think about what I should write, I try about the way to begin, I’d like to talk about my happiness, about my feel good and my positive being, about my lies and my will to run away. I’d talk about my dreams and passion, about my love…my thoughts… thought of my examples… but the words inside of me running, travelling, moving from one part to another without finding the way to break out, to get here… in this “paper” … because it is difficult describe their emotions… my dreams? I dream of traveling the world, I dream to know what is not I know, I dream a beautiful life, playful and funny, I dream my life … .. I dream about my great silence that speaks to me giving a meaning to my life … I dream to joy … I dream about the right feel light .. The dream to closing his eyes, and to see things that I haven’t seen again… I dream to scream at the sky my joy live … I dream to be a cloud … I dream my dreaming city …I don’t know my words… I dream … I dream about the wind and the sea …. I just dream about my passions …  I dream the budget of labor force.. I was born in 1982, the year in witch M J published “Thriller”, the year in which 750,000 people manifested against nuclear weapons NY,  the year when Italy won the World Cup Football, infact I was born just a few days after the first test tube baby was born in west Germany! and since then it I have come a long way!;)  I have walked and cycled in the world of human capital, my training, my knowledge, my passions revolves around the idea that there is a correlation between good management practices human capital and business performance! I’m graduated at the University of Bari (Italy) in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, curriculum in Work and Organizational Psychology. I discussed a dissertation in Organizational Psychology. I’m got  two Masters in human resources management (Midiform and Spegea) and a postgraduate qualification as a marketing expert. My interests are focused on Human Capital Management: I’m promoting the use of Human Capital financial statement within organizations. I have been co-author and editor of the book Lost and found work (Mimesis Edizioni, 2012).