PPP in English

The Budget of the labor force wants to be an instrument that does some  methodological differences in  its true advantage, in fact through the talks, the grills, the indicatores,the results; a system that is wanted to be created and  allows the company to enter in the future, but that above all always outstretched  towards its future, than it does not have fear to enter to us, than it does not live of emergency in emergency. But that through a careful planning it is in a position to perceiving  the economical changes.

The Budget of the labor force is composed of three parts: the Report of Performance (formed from a series of guides), the Report of Evaluation (evaluation to 360°) and the Report of Planning (the business prediction).  The value of the work, today like yesterday, is formed mainly from the Knowledge of the workers and the use that they make some inside of the company.

The Budget of the labor force  is  a moment of analysis, appraisal and formation of the entire company, than for a moment it slows down its rhythms for giving Value if same.

The Report of Performance is formed from a series of economic indicators. For example:  Economic Value Added, Market Value Added, Return on Investment, Return on common Equità, Return on Sales, Cash Flow Return on Investment, Cash Value Added, Human Economic Value Added, Human capital cost factor, Human capital value added, Human capital return on investment, Human capital market value.. etc. Represents the past of the company! What was? What has invested? did he do? it has invested in the employees! economic indicators immediately make the idea of that company is!

The Report of Evaluation is formed to evaluation  360 assessment and analyses: the customers’ point of view; the workers’ point of view by self-evaluation; the point of view of the workers that cooperate with the worker who is considered in the evaluation; and finally the company’s view point by means of the evaluation of the staff department and HR manager. Represents the present company! assessment highlights all the dynamics of informality that make a company special! assessment as a process of training, you need to understand the strengths but also weaknesses of the company!

The Report of Prediction. It consists of careful observation of the data collected to develop the forecast for the future design of company system. The report is composed of three parts : 1)  Planning for staff : characterized by certain activities such as recruitment, selection, preparation and placement of human resources. It is characterized by the analysis of tasks, from the analysis of careers, from labor market analysis and planning of tasks and functions. 2) Planning for growth and development : is characterized by personal growth.  3) Planning for stabilization and termination of labor relations: characterized by the cost of labor mobility processes represents the future of the company! what will be! he wants to be! this is the part that summarizes the past! is the part that summarizes the climate of the company!

The budget of the labor force it is a systemic process that develops along the path: the development company ‘s (compared to the previous schedule), corporate valuation, business planning.